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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy uses cookies technology and different third-party services like google analytics, analytics plugin services and third-party software to monitor their websites and all the users accessing the website.

Third-Party Ads in Our Site uses third-party services to show advertisements such as Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Program, these services may use web cookies to show advertising that is of personalized and non-personalized nature and may collect information about our site audience for target marketing.

We only get collective user aggregates such as their web session activity on and we do not collect personal information about any users such as name, personal address, credit card information, home address or anything which would make us recognize the visitor except their anonymous web activity performed on our site.

We also use third-party display advertisements to monetize our website, such as Google Adsense and google ad exchange and by doing so the google services will use special beacons on our site to learn about the visitor for displaying personalized advertisement and learning different demographics about our users to improve the delivery and usage of the service they provide to us. Users can opt out from particular types of those services such as personalized ads via visiting and and

Links in Our Site
This website will redirect you to other websites that have no relation or connection with this website and you will be utilizing all external links at your own risk and this website and its owners, and management will not be liable for any type of damages or losses caused by utilizing any links on this website by any user and every user must comply with the terms and conditions of the respective websites they visit via utilizing any external links on this website.

we will update our terms and condition and privacy policies in the future at any time without notifying the users, all the updated terms will be available for viewing via provided terms and condition pages on sites.

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